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10 Ways Interview Coach Can Help You Get The Right Job


A ‘right job’ has different meanings depending on person to person. For an engineer, the right job would be a software development role; for an MBA grad, the right job would be a managerial role, and so on. It mainly depends on a person’s skills and relevant experience.

All of this can be too hard to navigate, especially if you’re a fresh graduate or even in mid-career while looking for a job switch. But, not to worry; interview coaches can help! They have the right experience, and with their guidance, you can find the right job for your skill set and experience. Read on to learn about ten ways an interview coach can help you get the right job.

1. Always by your side

An interview coach will always be by your side to assist you in focusing on what is crucial, help you achieve your goals, and motivate you to stay on track. They will ask you to consider your career ambitions, accomplishments, body language, how you want to present yourself, how to best prepare your answers, and much more. With the right mentor by your side, you would have the courage to tackle any kind of situation. In turn, it will lead you to finding the perfect job for yourself.

2. Improve networking

If they are an interview coach, chances are they have a wide network of professionals in their circle. You may connect with them over professional platforms like LinkedIn and ask them for insightful information, and it will help you with your job search. They may have an opening in their company whose role might be the perfect fit! Or they may refer your name to another employer who’s looking for someone to hire. If you have many prospects, the chances of you landing the perfect job are high.

3. More job prospects

Interview Coaching can improve your chances of landing a job for a variety of reasons. Coaching allows you to practice answering the different interview questions and interacting with potential employers. Your coach can give you valuable feedback to help you improve your responses during interviews. You will build your confidence with more and more practice with a coach. In this way, you will get several interview calls and job offers. And if there are a lot of options to choose from, chances are you’d find the right one for you.

4. Evaluate issues

What if you are getting many calls for interviews but no offers? An interview coach can help identify the issue – whether it is your communication skills or under-preparation. Or another case could be where it has been a long time since you sat for an interview. In cases like this, it is better to take Interview coaching and rediscover skills that you may not have used in a long time. They will teach you the right tips and tricks to hone your skills and use them effectively.

5. Build confidence

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Your confidence will have a significant impact on your interviewing panel’s first impression of you. Interviewers can detect self-doubt, and if they see that you don’t believe in your abilities, they won’t either. So, in this regard, an interview coach can help build your confidence. They will identify the cause of underconfidence, and with time, you will be confident enough to face the interviewer.

6. Enhance your communication

Quality and effective communication skills are essential in job interviews. If there’s a language barrier or you’re not able to put across your point confidently, it will create a barrier between you and the employer. An experienced interview prep coach can help you overcome your communication difficulties. They will take multiple classes and mocks and may even give you assignments to improve your communication skills. Communication is an underrated soft skill that will help you get the right job. The interview coach at Nordsta will help with that.

7. Give you a personalized feedback

An interview coach will provide feedback on every aspect of your interview throughout the coaching process. It would greatly assist you in finding the right job because it would not be generic advice that you could find online. Nordsta provides one-to-one sessions exactly for this reason. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach, and our assessment will be based on the conversation and performance during the sessions.

8. Improve negotiation skills

After the interview, there may come a time when you have to negotiate your salary. Never negotiate a salary haphazardly. An interview coach can assist you in developing a reasonable salary range for your negotiation and develop an effective negotiation strategy. They will evaluate the correct salary according to your skill set. Additionally, it may not depend on your last CTC; they may teach you a way wherein you can ask for a deserved salary range based on the skills you have acquired.

9. Industry-specific guidance

Changing careers and moving from one industry to another can feel like starting over. You’ll need to learn your new job’s jargon, best practices, and so on. When it comes to job interviews, employers prefer candidates with relevant experience. So explaining how you can work in sales after working in HR can be difficult. Here’s where quality Interview coaching can help you regardless of any challenges. An interview coach will have industry-specific knowledge, and they will teach you about the specific do’s and don’ts.

10. Strategy for difficult situations


An interview coach can help you develop an effective strategy that will give you the confidence to face any challenging situation. Sometimes, the interviewer can ask trick questions which tends to make a candidate nervous. An interview coach will train you to present a desirable side of yourself by maintaining a calm and positive attitude.

If you’re looking for Interview coaching, check out Nordsta! We provide one-to-one mentorship sessions specifically tailored to an individual’s needs. Our mentors are industry experts who’d help you find the right job and advance your career. Different from generic online coaching, we believe that you and your aspirations are unique and offer personalized coaching for you

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